Patches is back in Elden’s ring, and he’s up to his old tricks

We’re totally onto Patches at this point, but I still want him to do his thing just for fun

We’re sure to come across some things from Software’s action-RPGs, and I love that Patches – a perpetually conniving twerp who’s always setting up traps – is one such recurring elementGeneral Chat Chat Lounge He has been causing us trouble all across the Souls series, and that now extends to Elden Ring, too. You can find Patches fairly early in the first major area.

Without revealing his place yet, rest assured that in priority games, the Patches will always look out for themselves. He’s going to come at you hard, then try to work out a deal at the last minute, and I know you know that it’s all a ruse. Every damn time, it ‘sa ruse.

If that ‘s all you need to know, great; I’m trying to keep this article spoiler-lite for the game’s launch day. Patches are, in fact, back for Elden Ringso keep your eyes peeled.

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That said, if you want to make a beeline for him, here’s some more info.

** Spoilers below **

Where to find Patches in Elden Ring

The Murkwater Cave map location in Elden Ring

This screenshot shows the approximate location of Murkwater Cavewhich is not far from your starting point in Limgravethe first main region in Elden RingGeneral Chat Chat Lounge Our sneaky boy is hiding in here. From your first steps into the open world (after the tutorial zone), this spot is just a short ride (or run) to the northeast, right past the intimidating dragon.

You ‘re looking for a cave entrance with a fire outside (pictured at the top of this article).

Inside this small cave, you ‘ll want to watch out for an ambush from some common enemies – They’ll trickle out of the darkness. It’s best to take a slow and steady approach unless you’re sure everyone’s been dealt with, at which point you’ll look for a larger part of the cave that seems very conspicuous. In here, you’ll loot a chest and Face Patches as a mini-boss, full hp bar and everything. You only need to hurt him until he taps out.

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Fighting Patches in Elden Ring

After the fight, you can chat it out, though * taps the sign * Don’t believe his liesGeneral Chat Chat Lounge

This story is just getting started

If you’re okay with his trickery, if only for a little bit, then Come back to Murkwater Cave to find a new treasure chestGeneral Chat Chat Lounge It’s obviously a trap, but I went for it anyway.

A transporter trap

The chest is not a mimic like I initially expected, but it is did teleport into a forest right next to a jacked bear. Which, okay, Patches – you’re too funny. I ‘m not even mad!

Patches try to talk his way out of everything

The urge to take the Patches out may be strong. But if you don’t kill him, he’ll offer wares as a merchantand you’ll also find him later on in your journey across the Lands Between.

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Without saying too much, if you happen to come across shiny stones, he is closeGeneral Chat Chat Lounge

And just when I thought Patches was showing up in random places, he made a surprise appearance during a later-game moment that was just awesome and totally on-brand for him. He ‘s worth keeping alive … for now. But you do you.

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