Persona 6th at New Peoplea 25th Anniversary Art-Uptunes

It’s been five and a half years since Persona 5 released the PlayStation 3 and 4 and garnered the critical acclaim and claimed mainstream status of the Shin Megami Tensei spinoff. That game was so iconic that it became so popular with its protagonist, the Joker, the coveted first Fighter Pass slot in Super Smash Bros. JRPG developer Atlus.And Atlus knows this, recently releasing a cryptic tease ahead of their new franchise event in May. Read on for our updates on thePersona anniversary art and how it goes in persona 6!

Persona 6th at New Persona 25th Anniversary Art Hints.

Atlus and Sega released the following artwork ahead of the upcoming Persona 25th Fes event, scheduled for May 28, 2022. Much like a viral marketing image, it can be interpretational.

The Artwork

The Context

The next entry for the green paint and shows a possible color theme from The Cryptic image shows protagonists up to date. This line reflects many recent Persona titles, with their color and their respective themes:

  • Blue for Persona 3, representing the condition depression.
  • Persona 4 for Yellow, Happiness.
  • Red for Persona 5, representing Freedom.
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Where’s a man found?

Green is the primary color of one of the above mentioned areas of color. Although Green is well-known in many states, the bucket, with the green spatter, hardly seems to be a coincidence. It’s also the most notable one in the list of yellow stars, however, with the splashes of cyan and cyan. Of course that could mean anything, and it’s up to speculation about what it will be and what kind of adventures it will have.

A mainline persona game is the most feasible option for a color scheme being subbed and used. If it means Persona 6 is up for debate, then it appears that there is a strong case for something new.

That concludes the coverage of the video game’s 25th Anniversary Art and How to Become a Persona 6! If it’s enough to say that Persona 6 becomes reality, the fans will have high expectations. It’s possible that it’ll happen on May 28th 2022.

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