Piku is a screenless gaming console made for kids

Piku, a company that creates educational software, has created a console that can play video games. This “screenless” gaming console, called Piku, is named after the company that created it.

A PlayStation Move controller appears to be the “console.” A single-handed remote-controlled wrist strap with a translucent plastic flashing light appears to be the controller. Other than the on/off switch, the remote has no buttons. Rather, it plays music through speakers, an accelerometer, and vibration.

Many kids collect and use their Piku controllers.

Piku: The Gaming Console

There is no need for an online connection to use the system, although a mobile app needs to be downloaded at first to get it up and running. Playing games involves scanning cards and communicating with other devices via networking radio. Charge time is the same as the battery life, which is four hours.

Is it possible to play games on a console without a screen or buttons? Five different games are included in the Starter Set, including whack-a-mole and hide-and-seek. Gaming console simulates basic actions, such as hitting a mole, using sound, vibration, and motion controls. Lightning Bolt, where players must catch Bolt with their console, and Zombierun, in which they run around looking for zombies, are both examples.

Piku was created with kids’ fitness in mind. A key feature of the console is that it is inclusive since it determines the difficulty of a game based on the player’s proficiency level. Team sports are handled by Piku so that the least popular kids are not picked last as in the classic schoolyard scenario.

Piku Starter Sets are $250 and include four controllers and five games. For $1,449, the Education and Pro Kits come with 12 controllers and eight games, which are gradually added to. Starting at $5 each, starter sets can be expanded with additional games.

Despite the fact that this is not a PS5 (and is probably more of a toy than a gaming console), Piku is a cute concept that will eventually encourage young kids to go outside and play some games

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