[2022] POCO Launcher 3.0 New Update Download [V2.22.1.863]

Chinese electronics manufacturer Xiaomi has begun rolling out an update to the POCO Launcher 3.0 App which carries the build numbers V2.7.4.33 and V2.22.1.863-12021516. As opposed to Xiaomi’s Redmi and MIUI phones, POCO phones come with an independent launcher called POCO Launcher.

Changelog information indicates that this latest release fixes bugs, optimizes performance, and enhances fluency. Read More MIUI 13 Supported Xiaomi, Redmi, and POCO Phones [January 2022]

Download POCO Launcher 3.0 Updates

Changelog (V2.7.4.33)

  • We fixed some bugs in this version.
  • Optimize performance and improve fluency.

Especially designed for Xiaomi devices, POCO Launcher is a lightweight Android launcher. There are many groupings you can use, including Entertainment and Social or you can always create your own. Resize the app icons and layout of your home screen. Change the background, themes, and animations.  

Key feature

  • Minimalist design – Following in the footsteps of Material Design, POCO Launcher puts all your apps in the App drawer, keeping the Home screen neat and clean.
  • Personalization – Resize the Home screen layout and app icons. Apply customized wallpapers, themes, and animations. Use third party icon packs to give your device a new look.
  • Convenient search – App suggestions, icon color categories, and lots of other customizable features allow you to find what you need much faster.
  • Manage apps – Group apps by category automatically or create custom groups to always keep important things just a tap away.
  • Privacy – Keep your apps private by hiding their icons.
  • Fast and smooth – POCO Launcher is optimized for breakneck speeds! Simple and fast, it works like a charm. Forget about slow system animations!
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