Pokemon Arceus anime appeared earlier this year, and Releasing later this year

The Pokemon web-anime series has been released for later this year in the Hisui region.

The Pokemon Company held its first Pokemon Presents today, announcing a new generation of Pokemon with Scarlet and Violet, updates for Pokemon Untitled, and a Pokemon Unified by Alolan, and Pokemon Go. This year, it is announced that an update will be released on Pokemon Legends: Arceus and a new web-anime series that will debut on Hisui.

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It was announced by the official Takato Utsunomiya, a leader of the Pokemon Company shortly after he was confirmed that a new update was coming to Legends: Arceus that was added to the new battles and missions. A second short story has been made of a concept art that shows how the main protagonist is followed by Zorua in Snowy Woodland.

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Even though we only received one piece of concept art for this series, it’s interesting to see that it’s more grounded and suspenseful than the rest of the anime series. Legends: Arceus is a Pokemon-friendly game that’s being described as dangerous. Those who want to see the stalker-y Zorua.

Although there is not much else to say about the anime series, it is rather surprising that it will be releasing an “original story” in 2022 and also an “official story”. An announcement of a new series of anime, which is also called an “online series”, is very likely to be released on the Pokemon YouTube site soon – rather than a full-blown anime like Pokemon Journeys.

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This is the first time that The Pokemon Company has released its latest Pokemon release. The first examples of one were Pokemon Generations. Thankfully, it has been found that an eighteenpisode series called Pokemon Evolutions since 2021. That’s not counting some weird animated shorts that appeared on the Pokemon Youtube, such as the recent Bidoof special.

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