Pokemon Brilliant Diamond And Shining Pearl Allows You To Catch Shaymin

Nintendo released its Pokemon Presents today. Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl. From the moment he arrived, the Ithical Pokemon Shaymin was finally added to their collection.

Brilliant diamond / shining pearl players can get the game’s Mystery Gift and acquire the Oak’s Letter using Grass-type. Like others, mystery gifts have limited time to get. This one is going to last until March 27th.

What could the Pokemon Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl DLC look like?

The mystery gift function is locked after about two hours of play time, so newcomers to the Pokemon Brilliant Diamond / Shining Pearl can open the feature a little earlier. However, after it’s officially opened, they can get one of the rarest Pokemon in the series.

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Shaymin is a 4th generation in Mythical Pokemon celebration. The Grass-type is the smallest of its kind and is a Gratitude Pokemon. The players can meet Shaymin in the hall after their admission to the National Pokedex. Just make sure that Oak’s Letter is obtained via the Mystery Gift function and you are connected to the Internet. Players can catch Shaymin on each of their save files.

In today’s Pokemon Presents, which is part of the Pokemon Day Celebration stream, the 26th anniversary of the original Pokemon games’ release, several big announcements made by Nintendo and The Pokemon Company. They include the news that Pokemon Legends: Arceus is getting new content, and a free update, which includes more battles and an investigation. Alolan Pokemon, made in The Sun and Moon, is coming to Pokemon Go from the first half of March. In Pokemon Unite, the next’mon ‘to the battler is Duraludon, while new game modes were also featured.

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The biggest announcement was made at the end of the year, and confirmed by Gen. 9. The Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will be on the Nintendo Switch on December 23rd, with new ones, offering an open world and new starters. For Pokemon fans there are so much time.

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