Pokemon Fan Sculpts A Silver Onix Ring of Unmatched Sedimental Value


If you’re a Nintendo fan, then it’s probably pretty hard to pick which of the three is your best friend: a dog, jewelry, or your favorite Pokemon. Luckily, if you ‘re a rock-type fan, you’ re just a little bit easier thanks to this amazing handmade Onix silver ring.

As you can see in the post below to the Pokemon subreddit, the user created a silver ring that is in the shape of an Onix.

According to the artist, it is sent to a lab and hand-sculpted in wax, then using metal casting 925 silver. They also stated in the comment section that the process took about 10 hours to sculpt in total.

Anyone interested in thereMal’s work should check out the rest of theirs Reddit profile, as it boasts a lot of other amazing hand-crafted rings. Be sure to also let us know what you think of this awesome creation in the comment section.

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