Pokemon fans think New Water Starter Quaxly Looks like Donald Duck

Donald Duck’s new water starter to Quaxly compared to Pokemon fans.

The Pokemon Company held its first Pokemon Presents earlier today, revealing a new update on Pokemon Unified, Alolan Pokemon Coming to Pokemon Go, and even a new anime series that took the place of the Hisui region. What We Found was a new generation of Pokemon with Pokemon Scarlet & Violet. The Pokemon were in the pipeline, but are now going to be released later this year.

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While exploring some of the most environments you can expect, the final shot of the trailer made us look at these new starters – Quaxly, Spirigatito and Fuecoco. All three players have taken the internet by storm, but one in particular has been caught with drawing eyes between them and a Disney duck.

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The Pokemon fan started to look a little crazy when the three starters were out. His white feathers and his head on the blue hat, this comparison works really well. If you look a little clear they are both duck creatures, but that hat is truly the only one that sells it.

Only about two hours later, the Pokemon Presents debut, this has had a meme. The Pokemon Scarlet & Violet’s starters are now compared to Sora, Donald and Goofy from Kingdom Hearts, with Goofy taking up Spirigatito’s role and Sora being a Fuecoco.

Other memes involve Donald trying to shake Pokemon, the success of Sora having gotten into Smash, and erasing anything to do with Disney. Others are simply putting Donald’s clothes on top of them so that they can compare to these two things even more uncanny.

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Although it’s almost certainly an accidental similarity between the two to the Pokémon Company, it will probably be a long run in Quaxly’s popularity.

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