Pokemon Fans thought that a Detective Pikachu 2 Reveal was coming today

This morning, The Pokemon Company released a new Pokemon Presents video that showcased many of its new games. Of course, the highlight of the video was the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet, which officially represents the ninth-generation Pokemon. There was a video of an elderly security guard walking through the darken hallways before entering the Game Freak office. For many Pokemon fans who fooled that short piece of footage, who initially thought this was a set-up for Detective Pikachu 2 or the sequel to Pokemon’s Detective Pikachu!

Pokemon: Detective Pikachu has released the movie in theaters in 2019. The film was an economic success and a fan of Pokemon, among other things, well worth it. The movie was released by Detective Pikachu, and the video was released shortly after the Nintendo Switch for the sequel was announced. Fans still want a sequel, but it doesn’t look like it will. The sequel’s gameplay to Be in the Works. We’ll see him release sooner rather than later!

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Keep reading for more about Detective Pikachu!

The Detective Pikachu 2 is definitely a boy to look up to.

Let’s be real: As we all saw this, we thought it was Detective Pikachu 2. pic.twitter.com/9UKBNNqKY2?

Meta Bro (@Metabro) February 27, 2022 prevnext

There seems to be a lot of people that way.

Who else was this Detective Pikachu 2 at the time? #Pokemon #PokemonPresents pic.twitter.com/RxkNnDDuPR.

Skaylex 72 (@ justaperson72) February 27, 2022 prevnext

The detective is always loving his coffee.

When I saw the room with the coffee in the Pokemon presents, I thought that was definitely detective Pikachu 2.

HeyItsJustRyan (@ HeyItsJustRyan2) February 27, 2022. prevnext

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Maybe someday.

But where is my detective Pikachu 2 !!!!

Asleepys is a highschool teacher. (@Asleepys) February 27, 2022 prevnext

You should be tempted to change your hands.

#KennerDay is all about talking about Detective Pikachu 2, like Gamefreak did to all the sass leading up to the event, and knew exactly what they were doing.

We’re laughing at the movie.

Paul (He / Him) (@coffeebrewpaul) February 27, 2022 prevnext

We all have.

Detective Pikachu 2. I’ve been waiting for Detective Pikachu for a long time.

(Anti) SocialKirb (@SocialKirb) February 27, 2022 prevnext

Gen 9. It’s exciting, but fans want both.

i was kind of glad that i was the only one who thought the intro to gen 9 was a detective pikachu 2 trailer. i was like “this will be pretty cool” and then BAM NEW GEN lol. Happy for gen 9, but I hope you will be able to feast soon:]pic.twitter.com/GzS9 MBxCMr / ​​prs.

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rei (@syoda) February 27, 2022. prevnext

Someone make it happen!

After today, I can trust that those who are looking for an incidental detective game.

(@syfytus) January 27, 2022 prev

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