Pokemon Gen 9 just got the best JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Crossover

Pokemon is every headline these days, and we have a recent IP anniversary thank you. The franchise welcomed Pokemon Day earlier this week with a lot of announcements. It was there that those fans tasted Gen 9 monsters and one of them was JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure with the best crossover of the time.

As you can see below, Twitter users of dietnoods from The Work Came. It was there that they gave Josuke a makeover and made it look pretty obsessed.

It was the first thing I considered. I think Josuke would be a great Quaxly. #PokemonDay pic.twitter.com/KpeakSQLdq #Chattan Day pic.twitter.com/?np?

Diet Noods is on the 27th of February 2022.

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This piece is in the hands of the Quaxly and his pompadour hairdryer. If you were doing something like that, you would probably be sure to get something different. As you know, dietnoods gave you quaxly purple flippers, edgy eyebrows and heart-shaped molds. All these changes bring Quaxly to a regular stand user. Fans Don’t Want To Host The Starter JoJo Flock.

There will always be fans who want to become the Jojo fandom with their evolutions. For now, however, fans are expecting The Pokemon Company to keep quiet about the Gen 9 title. It’s a big reveal, but we know that Pokemon Scarlet and Violet will go live late this year. Pokemon will keep up with the chest until the new marketing cycle gets out. And when it happens, fans will learn exactly what Quaxly is all about.

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What do you think of this cute Pokemon crossover? Which other JoJo heroes need their own Pokemon mirrors?

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