Pokemon Go brings up March Community Day details

Pokemon Go will be celebrating the Alola region, and that will be celebrated during March’s Community Day. Sandshrew will be promoting its heritage, especially its ground-type form from the Kanto region, and also its Ice-type Alolan. The Community Day event will begin at 11 in the first half of this year, and 5 in the third from the run. These two versions of The Shiny Version of Sandshrew are coming up promptly during the event, so keep an eye on the players need.

Because of all the Sandskills appearing in the game, players will also have two different versions of Sandslash to get to the right opportunity. Players enter the Kantonian Sandshrew during an event or two hours after the event, and a Sandslash that Knows the Night Slash Charged Attack. Players who evolve an Alolan Sandshrew that time frame will get a Sandslash that knows very fast attack. Some candies are required to get both Sandslash and Sandslash versions. The in-game shop has a three-piece series, which will help the player catch the number that is ready for the event.

For an in-game shop, players will be able to buy a ticket for a special research story for $ 1 on Community Day. The event is called “Gritty and Glacial” which emphasizes the regional differences between two versions of Sandshrew. The shop also has new stickers that will feature both versions of Sandshrew at the event. Players can also take Spinning PokeStops and give them friends.

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It’ll be interesting to see if Niantic offers more community-day events focused on Alolan Pokemon over the next few months. The 1st of June until The Game’s Season of Alola Will. It has a few Pokemon that are debuted in Pokemon Sun and Moon and special research based on the different islands of Alola. Readers are interested in learning more about the new season.

Does he plan to check out the Pokemon Go community event? Are you glad to see Sandshrew in the spotlight?

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