Pokemon Go Incense Doesn’t Work Explained; PokeStops miss out on seasonal guaranteed gift or rival trainers, too

Pokemon Go, the game which focuses on the real world, is presented with many items and PokeStops.

First, many Pokemon players will get seasonal guaranteed gifts or rival trainers at face to face PokeStops. Either way, the incense is bad.

PokeStops on Pokemon Go seasonal guarantee or rival trainers missing.

There is a guarantee at the end of the season.

PokeStop is a point of interest that is usually located in real-time sites like museums, many more (for example, places of interest, etc.).

PokeStops are the leading players in the game. To receive a given item is to be followed by a special order.


PokeStops at spinning Pokemon Go keeps a guaranteed gift. However, many players do not receive the gift according to multiple reports.


@nianticHelp often have a hard time solving this problem. Spinning stops and catch celebbi from a gift I couldn’t find yesterday, because yesterday I couldn’t. Will this be a bug / oversight for a complete event? Source

This issue is especially important for those who need to buy gifts to complete an event or objective.

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Fighting trainers pose poses for women’s sake.

There’s a more complex problem in Pokemon Go PokeStops where players try to convince opponents that they need it. That’s not all that great; Defeating trainers are the Johto battle for the completion of one’s standards.


Pokemon players are trained in training.

What are your training equipment? A flying trainer with a treadmill that I hit. I googled and said it was poke-stops, but I ran into an area like poke-stops and it was full. Nothing happens. Source

Even if it’s frustrating, they don’t complete the Johto Battle Challenge. Some players even spend real money to achieve the desired goal, but they are facing a problem too.

@NianticHelp I paid 10 bucks for the event – and could reach the second phase of the research for hours and so many more stops I could find for the trainers. It’s a joke. Source

Pokemon Go Incense is not working, Pokemon spawning is not taking too long or too long to survive.

Incense is an item called Pokemon Go that allows you to take several Pokemon near you. You can do this as a hen or a special person when you play, and sometimes even catch some other Pokemon.

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But, lately, that item worked because it would take a long time to put in effect, or that it would attract the same amount of Pokemon as seen: multiple reports show that the item was lacking.


Incenses besides running out is not working well.

Incense won’t move while spawning pokemon with anyone else having trouble. Two spawned at the start, so now there was already seven minutes. Source

This is a possible behavior, that is the explanation.

It seems that this is actually a new unintentional behavior. For those who know how to take the frankincense, a few years ago it was made more effective.

When the COVID-19 pandemic began, the players could go straight into their Pokemon without leaving their homes.

Now, it appears that Niantic decided to defuse the incense, and back to the effect it had on the early times. If you stay in that place, a Pokemon will soon appear in an all-time period of only 5 minutes.

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The Pokemon Go player knows that this is not a glitch, but an expected behavior since the most recent Pokemon Go season.

There is no official acknowledgment of the PokeStops issue from Niantic. It is also unknown if they have any idea of ​​the effect of turning to the plan until recently.

As soon as we get ahead, we’ll update this story.

Not to mention is the Pokemon Go folder and the Battle League bug tracker.

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