Pokemon Go is adding Alolan Pokemon this week

Pokemon Go is the opening game this week. The Pokemon Company announced that Pokemon Sun and Moon will appear in Pokemon Go Starting on March 1, 2022. The new Pokemon will be presided over by an outbreak giant of Alolan Exeggutor. One of several Alolan-like variants has been added to the Pokemon Goback in 2016 and 2017, the launch of Pokemon Sun and Moon.Niantic did not specify which Pokemon were the first; However, the next “Season” of action would focus on the Alola region. March 1 pre-Alola season, the next season where players may have a specific theme. The teaser trailer released by Pokemon Go is here.

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There are a lot of interesting people coming soon. @seasonOfAlola photo.twitter.com/SeasonOfAlola#SeasonOfAlola.

Pokemon Go (@PokemonGoApp) February 27, 2022.

So far, the fact that the Pokemon Go account is teased by Pikipek, Rockruff and Tapu Koko will be added to the first wave of Alolan Pokemon. Bird-specific Pokemon are the Alola region, while Rockruff is a popular dog-like Pokemon that eventually becomes Lycanroc. A datamine confirmed that Rockruff’s evolution in Pokemon Go relates to the time of day when it’s evolving, right in the core games.

The announcement was preceded by a misaligned update that all “Gen 7” Pokemon were quietly coded into. This includes the various Pokemon of the region, as well as the Ultra Beasts that have different dimensions. Interestingly, there are many Pokemon Go “Gens 5” and “Gens 6” that have not yet been added. This includes the popular Pokemon Zorua and Larvesta, as well as “Gen 6” and “Kiddo” (Gen 6). Generally, Pokemon Go has slowed down its rollout over Pokemon over the past year, likely due to a new generation of Pokemon, and realization that the mobile game is slowly releasing the terms of a large force.

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Pokemon Go will add new Pokemon beginning on March 1st.

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