Pokemon Go presents a new and expanded environment-reperceived Pokemon

Alola of the season is in full swing today in Pokemon Go. Of course there are a few new Pokemon that spawning in the Sun and Moon. Almost any Pokemon, Litten, Popplio and Rowlett are easily found in the wild. One other Alolan Pokemon will join them soon: Oricorio! In a global festival Colors event, Niantic will take orders from the 15th of March, at 10 local time. In Pokemon Sun and Moon, Oricorio has 4 different forms and one that looks good in the event. Regardless of whether or not Oricorio is exclusive to a specific region.

  • Baile-type ancestor: plight-types appearing in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and the Middle East, or if flying.
  • Pa’u Style oricorio: Psychic / Flying type appearing in African, Asian, Pacific and Caribbean islands.
  • Pom-Pom-style Oricorio: In the United States, the type of electric-flying is appearing in the United States.
  • Sensu Style Oricorio: Ghost / Flying-type Appearance in Asia-Pacific.
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While Oricorio is the primary event highlight, players can also look forward to other fun things. Taking snapshots every day can lead to a familiar encounter with a Shiny Pokemon, but Niantic gives it about specific details. The module has been activated during the last three hours. In the game shop will also be a “colorful collection challenge” and free avatar items. The event is going to end on March 20 at eight o’clock local time, but the festival’s Colors will come to an end until the free avatar items remain.

In Pokémon Sun and Moon, players could change Oricorio’s form by giving it different types of Nectar. While Pokemon Go in Nectar isn’t an item, it’s a little strange that Niantic didn’t like the Furfrou. A few candies to get after the players changed Furfrou’s form, as if they were changing it. Some fans are already upset that they can easily get the other Oricorio forms up to the region specific decision. Maybe Niantic will help other forms of Oricorio acquire more easily.

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Are you planning on attending the Color Festival? Are you disappointed that Niantic didn’t allow the form changes?

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