Pokemon Go registration is the annual football competition for 2022

The Pokemon Company and Play! Pokemon officially opened the Pokemon Go event in February at the Liverpool Regional Championship 2022. This event will be held from 26-24 April 2019.

This is one of three regional events – March 12 and 13 on Brisbane and March 18 and 20 on Salt Lake City.

Currently, the Liverpool Regional is the only place to attend a Pokemon Go bracket. Though it is still the most limited of the year, it is the only two hosts with more than five or six remaining, and the listings do not include the TCG and VGC registration in the age category.

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The football league has started very fast, having the capacity of a junior division of all members, but the Pokemon Tournament has become very strong. And, as mentioned earlier in February, events such as that have limited capacity, and are still following an updated COVID-19 health and safety policy.

Any person who attends these in-person regionals must compete or spectate according to a surgical mask or an oxygenator to the international standards and players must wear their hands before the game. All members of the community, from the tournament to the event, will be fully vaccinated and provided with proof of vaccination, including booster doses and a negative result on COVID-19 within 72 hours of opening.

More about these policies, the upcoming events and more, can be found on the official game. Pokemon.

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