Pokemon Go safari is now open to customers

Get Pokemon Go players now in Spain Pokemon Go Safari Zone: Sevilla tickets, which will run from 13 to 15 mai.

The Ticketed Event will be held at the Real Madrid Safari Zone. In addition to the Safari Zone event, players will come to a wide range of Pokemon that are incarnating the spirit of Sevilles fabled founder, Hercules. There are included: Tauros, Deino, Miltank, Solrock, and Corphish.

Two months later, all tickets will be sold live. These are divided into two types of tickets that let players access the interactive space at different times.

The general admission ticket will cost 21 euros. The player is able to play the game “Caddy Zone” from 12 o’clock – 6 o’clock every time in the event. There’s also an early ticket that costs 26 euros and offers players three hours of play time instead of nine.

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To purchase tickets, you can visit the Niantics ticketing website via your browser or your PC. Tickets can sell out, since they run first. Safari Zone is a limited to physical event.

Niantic added that the ticket purchases are non-refundable; The time-and-date is specified on the Parque del Alamillo, and the player must follow the guidance of the local health authorities in addition to playing Pokemon Go with other players.

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