Pokemon Go will be exclusive to Hawaii

Alola of The Season is the Pokemon Go for starting. It includes many Pokemon species that are found on the island of Alola, a name indigenous to the same name. Just because players have access to these new Pokemon doesn’t mean that Niantic can throw a flower-themed curveball.

Yes, most of the Pokemon included in the first generation of seven will be available globally. But the Pokemon Pokemon Pokemon Comfey will be zone-locked to Hawaii.

From the nine new species listed at the Alola event, Comfey will be the only regional exclusive.

This makes sense because the traditional Hawaiian lei is usually based on the gift of peace and friendship. Legends say that the lethal properties are magical. Those combines Alolas Hawaiian influence, won at least one exclusive Pokemon, will score the state.

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Combey joined the recent region, Special Pokemon, like the Klefki, Furfrou Trim styles, and the Flabebe Evolutionary line of color variations.

For those who train in Hawaii, they’ll still begin to encounter Rowlet, Litten, Popplio, Pikipek and Yungoos more frequently when the Welcome to Alola event starts. In new Eggs, Rockruff and Jangmo-o are available, as well as a five-star raid boss as the tapu Koko arrives.

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