Pokemon Go’s new season is Alola on Focusing

Pokemon Go’s next in-game season is tomorrow, 1st March, and focuses on the Alola of Hawaii-inspired region.

These three games consist of Pokemon Sun and Moon, the seventh generation, and the creatures of a suitably sun-soaked managerie of a map of the islands and snap up to the allowed players.

Since then, Alolan forms of existing Pokemon are already available in Pokemon Go. However, playing Pokémon this season is number one and still going away. Here’s a teaser. What it should be expected at hints.

Exactly what I’d say, this includes three starters: the Grass-type owl Rowlett, the fire cat Litten and the ridiculous popplio.

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Commonly-seen creatures Pikipek and Rockruff have already been teased, suggesting that we’ll see them tomorrow alongside Dragon-like Jangmo-o and Legendary creatures Tapu Koko.

What? It may seem stiff, but its neck muscles are heavy. He can peck at a tree six times a second! Anyone have any idea which Pokemon this can be? #SeasonOfAlola pic.twitter.com/hB5Wtl21vG!

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What? If a person or Pokemon puts it in a bad mood, it will be a ‘funny’ deity.

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What? Pokemon has lived with people since some time ago. When you know a person is out of the car and he has to do this.?#SeasonOfAlola pic.twitter.com/Q7PHkmNz6G/…

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What? Their head scales expressing how they fight. The Dueling gives their skills and spirits stronger.

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The announcement of the new season has come from the Pokemon Presents livestream yesterday and hosted by Arceus for a new update, the big news is that Pokemon Violet and Scarlet will arrive at the end of 2022.

More details are going to be released today on Pokemon Go’s Alola season.

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