Pokemon Go’s Roadmap for 2022 includes a Johto Tour

The Pokemon Go maps the city of 2022 with a Johto tour and a map of Battlefield.

Niantic has released a roadmap for some content and is looking forward to publishing some updates that will bring it to Pokemon Go in 2022, although most of the software is just wiped out. With the roadmap opening, Niantic promises that its next year will be a real highlight of Pokemon Go, while teaching trainers fun and exciting updates.

Pokemon Presents with Taking Measurement: Predicting the Pokemon.

The Official Pokemon GO Tour: Johto is the first big update. The trainers will be able to take advantage of its popularity on the 26-27-27 February website. In this season, coaches around the world can play wherever they are, and instructors in Monterrey, Mexico, or Kaohsiung, Taiwan, can take part in live events. During this year’s Pokemon GO Tour, the group GO Gym Trainerseach of which is inspired by a contest-winning trainer that you can fight back from a certain number. You can choose between getting tough battles and taking advantage of other features of the event. There is also a new Masterwork Research program, called Apex Shadow Pokemon.

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Some of the other content mentioned in The Roadmap includes a Battle League improvements, which will be more detailed then a Postcard Update, a Seasonal Update and a Community Day Update. Niantic says it’s working on adding “notifications, sticker saving, increased gift maximum, new postcard sorting methods and new postcard notes”.

The update is a little unconfirmed. The roadmap is intended for “Bear 2022” so we are likely to see one later in the year. Niantic noted that updates on the roadmap won’t be the only new content coming to Pokemon Go in 2022 as there are a lot of surprises planned along the way.

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