Pokemon OCG set The World War II Secret Rares, the pull rates officially announced

After a majority of the cards being slammed online earlier this week, the Pokemon OCG set Battle Region officially for the Secret Rare Cards. The six bucks for a price of one figure were the packs for use.

Battle Region will be officially released in Japan on February 25th, with many fans letting them access to packs and products through their local stores and other methods.

Like all Pokemon sets, Battle Regions Secret Rare slots are bought by a combination of new characters like Rare, Rainbow Rare, Alternate Art and Gold cards. And this is the first time all fans could grab the Pokemon Legends games. In this lineup, Arceus and Hisuian Pokemon are prominently featured.

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Image: The Pokemon Company. Photograph by PokeBeach. Photo via POP.

For example, Rai’s Wyrdeer and Kleavor Acts feature Mai and Lian, while Roserade is in the Gardenia area, Chandelure with Shauntal and Mightyena with Sidney. There is also a rare breed of equator that features Sages of Pokemon Gold and Silver.

The Real Chase Character Rares Will Be Starmie With Misty And Garchomp V With Cynthia And The New Full Art Trainers For Cyllene, Kamado, And Roxxanne. The Hisuian Samurott V, Typhlosion V, and Decidueye V also have full art variants. The Hisuian Samurott VSTAR even has a Goldcard.

Image via PokeBeach. Image taken from The Pokemon Company. Image via PokeBeach. Take a photo with PokeBeach.

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So, like all OCG sets, Battle Region Booster Packs will include at least one guaranteed holo with six cards. As of June 16, a total of 24 boxes, with a battle area of ​​12 holos, 17 reverse holos, 3 or 4 Pokemon V, two Pokemon VSTAR, three characters rare, one shiny Pokemon, or one card of a real trove. The person is the most rare, a Secret Rare (Full Art), a Bribe or a Gold Card.

Image by PokeBeach. A pokebox in the image. Photograph via PokeBeach.

The Secret Rares of Battle Area are presented on PokeBeach, The Rest of the Card, in the main set on the official product page.

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