Pokemon Presents is the 27th of February, which is announcing it

Pokemon hat announced a new Pokemon Presents, which will likely be on Pokemon Day. The Pokemon Presents will take place on Sunday, November 27th at 9:00 pm, and last for 14 minutes. At this time, there were no other details. This is the first Pokemon Presents since August 2021. It would have been nice to see what fans are expecting from The Pokemon Company over the next few months. The Pokemon Presents premiered on YouTube, the official Pokemon Company channel.

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The Pokemon Company launches Pokemon Presents Back in 2020 and often releases several pre-recorded videos per year. The Pokemon Presents often provide specific information about new updates to existing games, as well as information about future events. The Pokemon Go is the new Pokemon Go video game.

The announcement is coming soon as Pokémon fans know what the future of the game is. The developers of the main series Pokemon game and The Pokemon Company have both shown their willingness to abandon the traditional Pokemon mold recently. Since the release of the DLC forPokemon Sword and Shield, and the paradigm shift that happened in Pokemon Legends: Arceus, the idea is that just about anything is possible in terms of announcements.

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Pokemon Legends of the Event: Arceus DLC, which has become a monster hit for Nintendo and The Pokemon Company, the latest Pokemon Legends with Pokemon Brilliant Come Home. Detective Pikachu or Pokemon Sleep, two projects that have been successful for many years. Since then, The Pokemon Company has just released a couple of major series games over the past few months, including a spinoff game (such as a new Pokemon Mystery Dungeon installment), and more possibilities. a new game in be.

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Whatever the situation is, expect full coverage here on ComicBook.com.

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