Pokemon Scarlet and Violet’s most common pawn have a horrific Potential Origin

Scarlet and Violet’s most lovable Pokemon has a classic classic Pokémon style with potential roots. Last month The Pokemon Company announced plans to release some new Pokemon games, which would be the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet later this year. All we know to date is the region where the games have been made by the Iberian Peninsula, the country Europe where Spain is located, and the New Jersey starter Pokémon. Although new Pokemon Sprigatito and Quaxly have pretty obvious inspirations (Sprigatito is a cat with leaves! Quaxly is a duck. It’s a potfish.

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Fuecoco’s name is a portmanteau of the word “fuego”, a Spanish word for fire, and also “coco,” meaning a blaze-crocodile. The use of “coco” in Fuecoco’s name seems confusing at first, as long as you think it’s something deeper into Spanish and Portuguese folklore. The Coco is actually a Spanish and Portuguese folklore of budgenomism, which is considered an engrossment. The Coco (also known as Cucuy) has many specific potential description and origins, but it is not uncommon to eat children who misbehave.

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However, the Brazilian version of the Coco is not divided up, but the Brazilian version of the Coco is a Brazilian name for the Cuca, meaning she is a humanoid alligator. And while alligators and crocodiles are technologically different creatures, we wouldn’t have thought that the Coco depiction was inspired by the games in Fuecoco.

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In fact, knowing Fuecoco can be inspired by a child-eating monster opens up the horizon to Pokemon’s evolution with more frightening possibilities. Was Fuecoco going to become a zooo-like monster? Maybe Fuecoco will become the dreaded bipedal evolution and turn into the women’s alligator monster of the Brazilian folklore? There are many things to speculate on, but we’ll know for sure until the Pokemon Scarlet and Violet arrive later this year.

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