Pokemon Sword & Shield appeared to have hived A Scarlet & Violet Easter Egg

Pokemon decided to break free on the internet Sunday afternoon to inform us all about the genre and some new games. Pokemon Scarlet andamp; The Violet is going to launch on Nintendo Switch before 2022, proving either Game Freak has an unlimited number of employees or those who are eating and sleeping without a new Pokemon Games function.

Although not confirmed yet by Pokemon or Game Freak, the Region Scarlet & Violet will seem to be in the spotlight. The colors from which they take their names seem to have been stripped from the old Spanish flags. The trailer also shows grapes and oranges, fruits grown in that part of the world, and it seems like Pokémon is easing that next stop where we’re heading.

The Johto tour by Pokemon Go was brilliant, but didn’t understand the playerbase.

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In fairness, it would be an amazing leap to make an announcement. The curtain, whose name is from the beginning, was spotted in Reddit by DDD-HERO, carries on a rope-off room in Sword & Shield, which includes a curtain. If you want to take a look at the Hotel Ionia in Circhester.

I chose the Pokemon Sword and Shields in Gen. 9. pokemon

This is the only possible Scarlet and Violet hint DDD-HERO has derailed in another Pokemon game since the weekend. The Brilliant Diamond & Shining Pearl are the scarlet and violet, and their color changes to the original games. For the genre nine games, a hat tip could have been a hit, but BDSP was not developed by Game Freak, so that one might have a coincidence.

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Scarlet and Violet, or 2022 is likely to be another exciting year for many different kinds of Pokemon fans. It may not be as crowded as the 25th anniversary period, but Legends have already been thrown out: Arceus and Gen 9 are still being released. Not to mention the new developments and the emergence of Pokemon Go and Pokemon Unite.

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