Pokemon TCG Astral Radiance prerelease, products officially announced

The Pokemon Company announced the third TCG set today, Astral Radiance, that will be coming in May. We Have A Look At What And What The Promotional Card Is Coming To The Part Of The Release.

Astral Radiance will carry all your usual items, including booster boxes, trainer boxes, blister packs and build & battle boxes, but also exclusive trainer boxes and a build & battle stadium.

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Players will score unique advance codes within the set of the Build & Battle range. There are four to collect and boast new Hisuian evolutions Samurott, Basculegion and Wyrdeer. Magnezone will be the ultimate promotional card.

Image from the Pokemon Company.

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They will be alternate art versions of their Pokemon that appear in Astral Radiance, a set name with a stamp. The release is due on May 14.

Inside Build & Battle, players will find a 23-card deck along with four booster packs, a pre-release promo card and a Pokemon TCG Live code. One of these items, energy cards, damage counters, a coin, dice and markers, is the build & battle stadium. This is everything you need to get started and battle.

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Many new cards from Pokemon OCGs Battle Region set, which launched last month. Astral Radiance will have an opening on May 27th on the South End of the Country.

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