Pokemon TCG Japan’s Battle Region Preview: A strange and rare character

This week, the Pokemon TCG will release a special Japanese set called Battle Area after the Hisui region and its dangerous Pokemon. The Sparkling Pokemon is a new card with the Shinies of Battle Region Return, coming in May 2022. Character Cards and Character Super Rares. Today we are looking at a new Character Card featuring the Roserade.

Battle Region Characters are rare. It was a Pokemon.

First, we must make a distinction between a special set and a high-class set, because I believe that some Pokemon TCG collectors were expecting a large number of Character Cards and Secret Rares to be found here in December’s Victory.VMAX Climax It is a very small set and features many reprints and a variety of Secret Rares, which are most often found in Japan once a year. Roserade and Gardenia with which we can expect, Roserade and Gardenia which I think are quite beautiful, we get six full characters, two super rares (both vs), then a normal spread of Full Art Vs, Rainbow Rares and Gold.

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Japanese sets often give us early ideas about what English-language sets are in offer; Therefore keep our eye on the eye. Keep up-to-date and watch the preview of the Battle Region and updates on the Pokemon TCG here at Bleeding Cool.

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