Pokemon TCG: Pokemon Go Expansion Product List Released July 1

The Pokemon Company announced earlier that a special Pokemon Go and Pokemon TCG will be launching this summer. In the meantime, the Pokemon Go set and all of the Pokemon Go products are finalized for a Julio release.

The first revelation was that the cards were not visible in the packaging. This includes Pokemon Go-inspired interactions and background, like Larvitar eating Razz Berry, Poke Stop, Arnaa Buried Beneath a Pile of Thrown Poke Balls, and Blissey which looks like a raid boss.

Now, we have an idea of ​​how to get these new products, though it is a special set, not a core release for the Pokemon TGC.

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Image by The Pokemon Company. Photo by The Pokemon Co.

  • Pokemon Fight a Trainer!
  • Pokemon TAX: Pokemon Pokemon Center Elite Trainer Box Plus.
  • Pokemon TCG: Pokemon Go Premium Collection.
  • Pokemon Go Collector’s Collections.
  • Pokemon TCG: Pokemon Go collection!
  • Pokemon, TCG: Pokemon Go.
  • CG: Pokemon Go Go Pokemon Go Pokemon Go Go Go Poke Balling Tins
  • Pokemon Go Mini Shirts
  • Pokemon TCG: Pokemon Go V Battle Decks, which includes a bundle version.
  • Pokemon TCG: Pokemon Go Premium Deck Holder Collection.
  • Pokemon TCG: Pokemon Go Pin Collections.

Images of Pokemon Go Special Collections were shared, but they were just teasers showing the team leaders from Pokemon GoCandela, Blanche and Sparkand collectible pins. Each image in The Hidden Card is a Trainer-Promotion, featuring unique art with team leaders.

As noted by PokeBeach, this Pokemon Go collaboration is a special set, so players can only get Pokemon Go TCG’s following products, since the pack won’t be sold individually or in any official way.

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