Pokémon TCG: Professor Juniper Collection of Premium Tournaments Coming Soon

Last year, the Pokemon TCG released one of the most hyped cards of 2014, the Marnie Premium Tournament Collection, called The Marnie Full Art, a new kind of product. That collection, like an elite trainer box, includes a lot of different packs, but with only a full artwork promo card, the only item that can be used is your body with a lot. ThePokemon TCG is widely thought to be on the way to a scalping crisis of 2021, given that it will be available in a series of cards out of Japan’s Shiny Star V, and the best-valued one of these boxes. Shining Fates was a massive scalping of the main target, but soon released this way to get to the card of all the people who wanted it. Now it’s the ThePokemon TCG Don’t Play Premium Tournament collections. This Spring, I Will Get a Professor Juniper Premium Tournament Collection, and here are some more full art pics.

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Professor Junper is full art. Characterisation: Pokémon TCG

The “The Professional Jury” Collection will include:

  • A Full Art Professor has recently posted a Black Star promo.
  • Those 7Pokemon TCG boosters are also available.
  • A coin and a table plate are possible players, in addition to a bar, and an extra pocket.
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Here’s a breakdown of the remainder of the well-knownPokemon TCG release coming out in the next few months.

  • March 25th: Pokemon Pokémon TCG Collector’s Bundle: Features Rowlet, Cyndaquil, and Oshawott, which will probably be SWSH Black Star Promos.
  • April 8: 00: 00: 00
    • Lucario VSTAR Premium Collection Features Lucario VSTAR SWSH Black Star Promo, Lucario V Full Art SWSH Black Star Promo, six booster packs.
    • Morpeko VUNION Special Collection: Features Morpeko VUNION SWSH Black Star Promos (two pieces are a single picture).
    • The Three Heroes of One by V Heroes are Espeon, Sylveon, or Umbreon, which were originally thought to be the same cards as Sword andamp; These are Black Star Promos.
    • Sinnoh Stars, two booster packers with miniskin.
  • Accessed April 22nd. Arceus V figures collection: Includes Arceus V SWSH Black Star Promo, an Arceus figure and four booster packs.
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