Pokemon Unite renounces Duraludon Release Date, New Abilities, etc

Pokemon Unite will add another Pokemon to its roster next week. On March 14th the popular MOBA-style game announced that Duraludon will be added. The new Pokemon was the first to be announced during a new game called Pokemon Day. Duraludon is classified as an attacker, although other abilities are still unclear. A Japanese gameplay video that appears to hint that Duraludon’s attacks will include a wider version of Stealth Rock, which is noticeable to the player for a long time, as well as a passive ability that stops at least some crowd control moves from happening. You can watch the English preview of Duraludon below, which reveals some of the Pokemon’s ranged attacks.

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Pokemon Unite is an arcade game that you can play using the MOBA design. The game features 5v5 teams battles. Players control a single Pokemon and level it up by beating wild Pokemon and opponents. Players also collect Eos Energy from wild Pokemon and try to score their opponents goals. As long as the game is lacking in many other features, like traditional Pokemon games, it is still a fun combination of mummy-style strategy and classic Pokemon. While the game is a free-to-play, players need to buy units free-to-play Licenses from the store in-game, using these Pokemon as a tool for using them in different games. Buying units with real-time money is either a currency called Aeos Coins (on-game currency), or a currency such as The American Express (a recalcitrated currency).

Duraludon follows a flurry of other roster additions, including new and powerful Pokemon. The past couple of months over The Game has Trevenant, Hoopa and Aegislash. Each is powered by new abilities. Hygia as a particular Pokemon proved a powerful Pokemon, even if there were the first 3D games. Hoopa’s moveset requires a new update, as it has many players on unintentional side effects.

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Duraludon will be added to Pokemon Unite next week. Pokemon Unite is available as a free-to-play game for Nintendo Switch and mobile devices.

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