Project Hero Update 4 Log Patch Notes

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Roblox Project Hero has now released the fourth update for the game on January 14th, 2022! This release make the new Cremation quirk available, which you can spin to get. There’s a variety of new bosses you can fight for rare drops, and the level cap has been increased to 350. You will find the rest of the additions of this update in the patch notes below.

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Project Hero Update 4 Patch Notes

  • New quirk “Cremation” (Current Rarity for Cremation is legendary)
  • Dabi Raid is in game
    • Boss Drop: Flame Essence (allows you to access 1 move from the essence of dabi
  • New boss “Mina Ashido”
    • Boss Drop: Acid Equipment
    • Boosts: +34 HP
  • New lvl cap 350
  • Removed Christmas event fully from the game now so today was your last chance to get the Christmas Items
  • Added quirk awakening to half hot half cold
  • Added todoroki in mode as a boss
    • Boss Drop: Ice Sword (ALLOWS U TO USE A ICE MOVE FROM HCHH)
  • Changed map and loading screen from snow to grass like before
  • Changed some quirk sounds in game
  • Mode in Cremation boosts all moves by +14 damage
  • 2x EXP is on aswell for 2 days until removal
  • Changed sound effect for santa gloves hit as well for ice sword
  • Fixed wind up on moves now you can combo with a follow of Z and X then C and etc
  • mad bug fixes and balances on quirks
    • Dabi Essence – 10%
    • Minas Hat – 15% (+34 HP)
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Those are all of the details for the Roblox Project Hero Update 4! You can find more details on the game in the Project Hero section of our website.

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