PSA: You Shouldn’t Probably Hug Fia Always Elden Ring

Elden Ring players have been lovingly embracing Fia since The Roundtable began last week’s game. However, it seems unlikely that that is the best idea. Even though she seems warm and inviting in her arms, fias hugs are far cheaper than they seem. If you were hugging this deathbed companion willy-nilly, then you could have been playing the Elden Ring at the same time without even realizing it. Fias hugs were a part of your maximum HP this time.

Elden Ring Fia Debuff Explained.

When you hug Fia in Elden Ring, she puts on a small debuff. The game won’t pay for that much, but if you look at your health bar after an embrace, you’ll notice a red square with an arrow pointing down, indicating that your HP has been reduced. That’s not a problem. Fias hugs help you increase your maximum HP by 5%, so you’ll save it. Now, a 5% debuff doesn’t sound like an enormous detriment, but when it comes to managers hitting the Elden Ring, every percent of your precious health bar matters.

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What is this small sale of HP? You receive the item Baldachin’s Blessing with every hug. The item description says that it uses FP to boost your strength temporarily. However, its use will remove the health debuff and give the whole bar a higher level of performance. Your temporary poise buff gets your normal maximum health back.

Then when will you be able to give up?

A holding Fia will likely be a good idea if you can move back to the roundtable. If you do that, you’ll be walking around with a Baldachins Blessing in your pocket and 5% less HP than you would get at any given time. That is exactly the best trade, especially since Baldachins Blessing is temporary and very situational.

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Fias hugs are great for both bosses and emotional and gameplay-wise. Poise is an extremely important stat in the Elden Ring, making it easy for you to get away without hitting strong hits. This means you can stay on your feet longer and be knocked over by tough bosses.

If you return to your health after using Baldachins Blessing, you’re essentially trading for a little energy that you can activate at any time. It activates very quickly, so that you can easily use a stressful boss fight. If you’re not tainted by Margit the Fell Omen or another boss with annoying moves, Baldachins Blessing will probably give you a few hits and stay on your feet.

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Just remember that while you stroll through the “Road Table” last time. Don’t let him tempt you. There’s a time and place for Fias hugs, but letting her hold is not the best idea to come back to you all the time.

Elden Ring is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and X | S.

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