Psyonix and sponsors NA RLCS with 7-Eleven partners

The North American Rocket League Championship Series (RLCS) is an official sponsor of Psyonix with The Seven-Eleven Partnered.

The partnership includes a North American Regional RLCS event, now named the 7-Eleven Slurpee Cup, which will be the first of five annual events online by May 13th.

Image credit: 7-Eleven

The retailer will work with Rocket League to provide custom-made items that can only be purchased at the following 7-Eleven events store.

En Out, 7-Eleven Has Shortened To Blue ROCKETBERRY, For A Limited Time, Drink His Blue Raspberry Slurpee.

Philadelphia’s Phil Piliero, Head of Psyonix, Pleased for the Closing Speech: We Work with 7 Eleven, a first-of-its-kind partnership between Rocket League and Psyonix. We’re taking over our entire project with an individual retailer offering unique content for fans and their family in and out of the game.

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The Color-changing Rocket League Slurpee Cup is something I really enjoyed – it will be the heart of all the fans and events like this one.

The project will also include a popular Ford Mustang Mustang model. Fans can turn the car around and choose the wrap and seat design, rim color, snack holders, custom grills and custom stools.

Marissa Jarratt, Seven-Eleven Salesman, Commented on: 7-Eleven Social Followers Like Us On Trend With Us: # CarsOf7Eleven And Slurpee-Loving Car Enthusiasts Also Organized Unofficial Car Meetups In Our Parking Lots Across The Country.

It felt right to give the car fans the chance to continue their ride in the Rocket League arena, while also helping us design and possibly create a purely Rocket League-inspired car IRL.

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The event includes a multi-faceted partnership between seven and seven who invest in esports, both within the game and in real life. Evidently, the deal was designed so that it covered the entire audience of the Rocket Leagues.

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