PUBG 2 AKA PUBG F2P Version’s Launch Updates

PUBG 2: The popular data miner, PlayerIGN, posted some leaked screenshots of PUBG 2’s free-to-play urban map Kiki aka the free-to-play version PUBG 2. Through PUBG Partnership Programs, PUBG Studios officially provided these images. The article will also cover several other leaks and features regarding PUBG 2 (f2p), which players will discover.

Over half of PUBG players have forgotten about PUBG 2, while everyone is focused on the free-to-play version. A majority of players wonder whether PUBG 2 and PUBG f2p are the same things.

In light of some popular data miners identifying PUBG 2 as the next edition of PUBG, there has been mixed response to this controversial subject. The internet has also revealed a number of leaks concerning the upcoming PUBG f2p features. We’ve collected the most important information for you.

PUBG 2 (f2p) version all leaks and features released till now


There are open fields, swamps, and skyscrapers in New York-style urban life on PUBG’s new 8×8 flooded city map Kiki. Kiki’s swamp trees may resemble the swamp cypress trees found along the swampy, moist soil coasts of the south of North America.

New Orleans is a tragedy-struck city in the USA. According to the leaked post, PUBG’s new 8×8 urban map will be a drowning city in Louisiana. It is prone to constant flooding, frequent hurricanes, rising sea levels, and shrinking land because it is surrounded by the Mississippi River, Lake Pontchartrain, and the Gulf of Mexico.

  • New AI match mode: Players would be able to play real time matches with bots (AI)
  • Assisted healing
  • Quick cover
  • Trap
  • Zone shield
  • Decoy
  • Gear upgrade
  • Gap-closer
  • Vehicle-gear upgradation system
  • Tactical Gears: Duffel bags and Recone Drone
  • New Reworked training mode

As discussed previously, some users have dug deep and discovered new features that indicate a significant upgrade in f2p features. The PUBG gameplay style has also been modified to include futuristic elements (as shown in leaks) and other modifications.

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