PUBG Mobile 1.4 Download[ APK + OBB ]

Pubg Mobile 1.4

PUBG Mobile 1.4 new update is rolling out a few days ago. In that new update, they collaborating with the latest movie named Godzilla vs Kong that is a new movie in monster verse. After release on 24 March 2021, this movie gets lots of attention from monster verse movie lover. Fans are impressed with great CGI work.

So from that movie, PUBG Mobile includes Godzilla and Kong in two different maps in the new version. Godzilla appears on the Erangel map between May 11 – June 8 and Kong appears on the Sanhok map between  May 15 – June 8. Mechagodzilla appears on the Livik map between  May 20 – June 8. Apart from that many other creatures will also appear on different maps. These creatures try to kill you. Players can fire on these creatures and can be destroyed with a weapon.

Titans will destroy Apex Expeditionary camps, monster settlements, and drop Titan Crystals. When any player kills a creature, they will get a reward like guns and ammo. When titans like Godzilla and Kong move ahead from their position, there is stone appear on the ground. Players can collect that stones and consume them. After consuming that stone players get superhuman abilities like high jump and fast speed that will help to save themselves from other creatures.

Types of Crystal 

There are three types of crystal in three different maps as below :

  1. Erangel Crystal : This crystal will push back players and set fire to them.
  2. Sanhok Crystal : This crystal will amplify the physical abilities of a player such as jumping and sprinting.
  3. Livik Crystal : This crystal will be able to detect nearby enemies temporarily.

PUBG Mobile 1.4 Download

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