PUBG Mobile and BGMI 1.8 update release date, features,

PUBG Mobile and BGMI: There are a few battle royale games that are popular in India and worldwide. Among them are BGMI and PUBG Mobile. The smartphone gaming industry has been dominated by this global phenomenon as they reach new heights each day.

While players are enjoying the BGMI and PUBG Mobile 1.7 updates, they are also eagerly anticipating the upcoming BGMI and PUBG Mobile 1.8 update.

PUBG Mobile and BGMI

Release date for PUBG Mobile 1.8 and BGMI

M5 Royale Pass is currently available in BGMI, and the M6 cycle will appear soon following the M5. The release date for the M6 cycle is 19 December 2021. PUBG Mobile and BGMI 1.8 will be released on 21 January 2022, as M6 Royale Pass will end on 20 January 2022.

Beginning that day, players will have access to the new Royale Pass and other items. As well as the premium paid version, the Royale Passes are available. A number of exciting new features are also coming to players, as discussed below

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Features of BGMI/ PUBG Mobile 1.8 version

1) New Winter mode Theme and Lobby

Players will be able to play on Wind castles and play in the snow in the new Winter mode and Winter lobby, according to popular data miners. Battle royale maps from the classic series may feature a Winter-themed event mode.

2) Changes in UI

As well as UI optimization, there may be several changes. In the upcoming 1.8 updates, players might see new animations, icons, and visualization.

3) Stricter anti-cheat update

In the next update, the game will have a better and more secure anti-cheat update. The developers have already taken steps to ban hackers in the previous patch, and hopefully they will go even further to strengthen the security.

4) Vikendi 2.0

However, the devs have yet to release the revamp of Vikendi 2.0, one of the most controversial features a player looks forward to every time. The remade Vikendi 2.0 map will improve its texture, design, and overall structure from the classic Vikendi map.

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