PUBG Mobile 1.4 new update is rolling out on 11 May. There are lots of new features added to this new version. A new shooting mode, vehicle, and exclusive content related to Godzilla vs Kong titan version. Players can get a new version from the play store. It can also be downloaded via the APK file present on the game’s official website.

PUBG Mobile 1.4 Update

List Of New Features

Here is the list of new features that are added in this new update.

  • Titan Strikes
  • Titan Last Stand (May 25 – June 8)
  • Microcosm (June 9 – July 5)
  • New Arena Map: The Hangar (starts June 1)
  • Map Improvements
  • New Vehicle: Coupe RB
  • Security Zone
  • Other System Improvements
  • New Shooting Mode: OTS (Over the Shoulder)
  • Gun optimization and balance
  • Improvements to Cheer Park
  • Royale Pass S19: Traverse (starts May 17)

Titan strikes named new mode is included in this new update. In the Erangel map, titan crystal – knocks the enemies and burns them via throwable item. In the Sanhok map, a special crystal enhances the player’s abilities like running speed and jumping height. In the Livik map, a special crystal used to detect enemies in the vicinity for a brief period. Players can land in the finale of Titan Last Stand by boarding a helicopter in the lobby.

The Hanger, a new arena map will be available on 1 June. Team Deathmatch, arena training, and team Gun Game are the supported modes in this new map. A new vehicle called Coupe RB a two-seat sports car will be available in Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok, and Livik.

Over the shoulder, the combat option is introduced in the new update which can be on/off via system settings. The M249 is optimized with the increase in recoil and revamp skin. New magazine and stock attachments have been added as well.

There is a new social feature added as well in which players will be able to access Friend Moments from Personal Space and share status. Other add-ons include- security improvements, royale pass season 19 that kicks on May 17, basic performance improvements, etc.

PUBG Mobile Download

To download new update of PUBG, follow below steps:

  • Download the APK file from here.
  • After installing the APK file open the application
  • Choose desired resource pack: Low-spec Resource Pack or HD Resource Pack
  • After that login into your PUBG Mobile account and enjoy the gameplay
  • If the players face an error stating, “There was a problem parsing the package,” they can redownload the APK file and follow the steps given above.

The APK file size is 990MB while that of the resource pack depends on the option that the players select. Also, users must ensure that they have sufficient space available on their Android devices.