PUBG Mobile India is to be named Battlegrounds Mobile India

PUBG Mobile India: The Indian version of pubg is to be renamed as Battlegrounds Mobile India after launch. Gemwire is found this information when they looking into the source code of the main website of PUBG Mobile India.

PUBG Mobile India

In India, PUBG mobile is banned in September and soon afterwards. After they announced that they will replace the Indian version with the global version. The new title is specially made for Indian pubg gamers so that they can connect easily with the company. In many other regions especially game name is introduce like PUBG Mobile KR.

After this declaration, new social media accounts and websites came to the surface among the fans of PUBG. They are waiting for the final decision that is taken by the Indian government. This new website contains a background image that shows the message “PUBG Mobile India, Coming Soon” symbolizing the Indian variant.

Gemwire did new research on this website and found out some important changes made to the background image. Their team analyzed the source code and found links to a new creative asset added to the website.

This change could potentially mean that PUBG Mobile India is being renamed Battlegrounds Mobile India. The significance of this potential change could not be speculated for now but after the recent trailer leak from the social media handles of PUBG Mobile, it could be assumed that PUBG Mobile is undergoing some new changes

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