[Watch Now] Pubg Mobile Indian Version leaked

Pubg mobile india

The most awaited PUBG mobile India game one gameplay is leaked by an unknown person. A video leaked out where we show Pubg get a partnership with Azure and some Indian gamer claim that this is the Indian Pubg Version. Most of the players waiting for the new version to play.

Pubg Mobile India

In upcoming version they use indian heritage for map as you can see in video. PUBG Corporation and the Government of India have not yet made any official statement on the relaunch of the game in India. Recently, in an RTI query, the Government stated that access to PUBG in India was not deemed illegal but it does not indicate that a relaunch is on the cards. In a previous RTI query, it has stated that there is no preferential treatment given to PUBG Mobile and that the ban cannot be lifted just like that.

That should dampen hopes of fans regarding PUBG Mobile India launch date a lot.