PUBG Mobile Lite Winner Pass 32, release date, rewards leak, free rewards, and more revealed

PUBG Mobile Lite Winner Pass: There will be a brand new season of Winner Pass 32 in the near future for PUBG Mobile Lite, which is currently wrapping up its Winner Pass Season 31. In anticipation of the new season, players are eager to find out as many details as possible.

PUBG Mobile Lite season 32 is now out and we have all the details on the WP (Winner Pass) rewards and release date.

The Winner Pass for the 31st season of battle royale was added in the beginning of December. The next one, which will be the Season 32 pass, will arrive in January, and users are already eagerly anticipating it.

We will be discontinuing the Season 31 pass at the end of this month. Due to this, PUBG Mobile Lite Season 32 Winner Pass will be released on January 1, with an anticipated arrival time of 7.30 a.m. Indian Standard Time (+5:30 a.m. UTC).

PUBG Mobile Lite Winner Pass

PUBG Mobile Lite Winner Pass Price

The two paid variants of WP in PUBG Mobile Lite are Elite Upgrade and Elite Upgrade Plus. The price of obtaining them is 280 BC and 800 BC, respectively.

Leaked Winner Pass rewards

A variety of YouTubers have uploaded leaked images of PUBG Mobile Lite’s upcoming Winner Pass. The following examples might be included:

  • Lilac Attack Set
  • Lilac Attack – VSS
  • Night Ensemble Helmet
  • Night Ensemble backpack
  • Oasis Ruler Set
  • Operation Nightingale Set
  • Beckon Emote

This guide will walk you through the process of purchasing the Premium Pass

Step 1: In PUBG Mobile Lite, press the Win Pass icon (WP)

Step 2: Users will then be redirected to the new Season 32 pass. Later, they can tap on the “Upgrade Pass” button in the bottom right corner.

Step 3: Then, individuals can purchase the Winner Pass by choosing the desired version and paying for it.  

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