PUBG New State New Map And Mode Update

PUBG New State: The developers shared a detailed patch note explaining all of the major updates and changes coming to PUBG New State in the January patch update of 0.9.23.

There is also a brand new mode and map coming with the update. In this article, we share everything you need to know about the new map.

PUBG New State

PUBG New State BR extreme mode

Brand new modes and maps will be introduced in the January update for PUBG New State. These are known as BR Extreme mode and BR Extreme map. It resembles the Arcade – Quickmatch mode of PUBG Mobile. Battle Royale’s core is present in this mode, but the pace is much faster and more intense.

Features and rules of the BR Extreme mode

The Extreme mode is based on the Troi map. There will be 64 Survivors in each round of this mode, but the basic gameplay is heavily based on the Battle Royale genre.

A smaller region within Troi is designated as the Battleground in this mode. During each match, the region that will be playable will be chosen at random and change.

Participants will be able to stock up early on better gear by getting two Care Packages when the game begins.

Weapons and gears

The game starts with a fully charged boost meter, a P1911 handgun, 1 smoke grenade, 300 Drone Credits, and a P1911 handgun.

Special features

We added several new features to make this mode different and faster-paced than a normal battle royale match. Players can now gather loots faster across Troi because more vehicles and goods are available.

A lower height will allow survivors to land as soon as possible on the map after jumping from the plane. Gamers can acquire loot more quickly with delivery drones. Teammates can now be redeployed in as little as 60 seconds.

After the January patch update, which will arrive by the end of the second week of January 2022, the new mode will be available in the game.

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