QuestCraft mod brings Minecraft VR to the Oculus Quest 2

Minecraft VR has been around for some time now, but it’s currently only available via the Bedrock Edition of the game on the Microsoft Store. This has, understandably, left those with the Java Edition feeling rather left out. However, a new unofficial mod dubbed QuestCraft hopes to change that, so that those with Meta’s best VR headset can finally craft their own blocky adventures in virtual reality through the power of ‘QuestCraft’.

As UploadVR highlights, QuestCraft is currently in the beta stage of development, and users will likely encounter bugs or other issues while using it. Additionally, Minecraft Java Edition has a reputation for being far less optimized than its Bedrock counterpart, meaning any performance woes could be compounded due to the extra horsepower needed for VR.

The APK for the mod can be downloaded from the QuestCraft Github page, where you’ll also find instructions on how to go about installing it on your Quest 2. It’s worth nothing that you’ll of course need to already own or buy Minecraft Java Edition, as it’s required as part of the setup process.

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While it was perhaps inevitable that the Minecraft modding community would craft something like this, we can only hope that an official Minecraft port for Oculus Quest headsets isn’t too far away.

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At the very least, we shouldn’t have to wait for the Oculus Quest 3 to get our wireless Minecraft kicks.

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