Raiden Shogun returns to Genshin Impact soon, here’s the banner details

Raiden Shogun returns to Genshin 2

2.5 enters phase two

right now Genshin Impact is still running on its 2.5 patch, which is building upon the Inazuma region introduced in 2.0. Later this year we expect that we’ll delve into the next region (probably Sumeru), but for now, it’s Inazuma time. And as we enter the second phase of the 2.5 patch, Raiden Shogun returns to genshin.

The first part (which focuses on Yae Miko) is still active, but come March 8, everything will shift over to her companion Raiden Shogun. other Thanks to some new tweets from the development teamwe have an idea of ​​what the next month or so (until March 29) is going to look like, banner (gacha) wise.

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It’s important to note that with both the Reign of Serenity and Drifting Luminescence banners, outside of the marquee characters (Raiden Shogun and Sangonomiya Kokomi respectively), the other offerings are the same. As far as weapons go there’s the engulfing lighting everlasting moonglow and the Akuoumaru line as featured weapons (and with the epitome system, you can choose which track you want “guaranteed” after a certain number of pulls).

The team is smart to bring Raiden Shogun back like this, as she’s one of the more popular characters from Genshin Impact, adorning all sorts of fan-made merch. She’s also one of the outright strongest characters in the game at the sub-DPS role and plays a critical role in the game’s story, which helps.

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Raiden Shogun returns to genshin on March 8 with these banners:

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