Realme PC Connect Supported Device List and Download

Realme PC: Realme will sell laptops in the near future. This month, they announced their first laptop. It is called the Realme slim book and was released on August 15. There will be two versions of this laptop initially. Realme launched a PC Connect feature on this laptop, which will allow users to connect their phone to the laptop. PC Connect, which is built into the laptop, can connect Realme smartphones to Windows.  

How Realme PC Connect Works


Essentially, it is one of the oppo and Realme apps that allows you to connect your smartphone to a PC. Your smartphone screen can be mirrored onto the PC or laptop screen if you have a PC connection. A keyboard or mouse can also be used to perform any operation after the connection is established.

By using these new features, you can open and edit files on your smartphone on your PC. The mouse and keyboard can be used to perform other operations, including copy/paste and drag/drop. 

Realme PC Connect Supported Device List

Currently, this new feature is only available on three The OTA version has to be updated on these devices, OTA version. There will then be a monthly update.

Realme GTA.12
Realme GT Master EditionA.11
Realme GT Explorer Master EditionA.24

Download Realme PC Connect Software

  • APK
    • APK Name : PC Connect
    • APK Version : v1.2.23
    • Download Link : here
  • EXE
    • EXE Name : PC Connect
    • EXE Version : v2.8.6.08021
    • Download Link : here

What is PC Connect

Realme and Oppo PC connect are basic features that look like a screencast. But in these features, users can connect their phone with a laptop or desktop and operate with mobile. Easily transfer heavy files in few moments. It allows to edit the direct mobile files into pc and is very useful when the presentation is ahead.

PC Connect Features

1) Just drag and drop file to share the file from PC to phone and vise versa.
2) Copy any file into the phone and directly past it into your sync PC.
3) Directly show your phone notification into this app, and never miss any important event.
4) Take a photo into the phone and directly open it pc and also edit while taking a screenshot.

PC Connect System requirements

These parameters are needed to run to these features in your device.
1) Windows 10 or 11 (32-bit or 64-bit)
2) Bluetooth & Wifi Support
3) Support Wifi-direct features

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