Red Dead Weekly Update. The Red Dead Online by The March Schedulereviews

Rockstar Games has planned the entire month of March for Red Dead Online. Rockstar has released a full report by The Red Dead Online weekly.

Below you will find the highlights, and the breakdown of the activities that are going on.

Dead Online Weekly Update March 2022 Schedule:


  • Double RDO $ and XPonRegular BountiesandPlayer Bounties plus Double RDO $ and XPonLegendaryandInfamousBounties and Double RDO $ and XPonLegendaryandInfamousBounties.
  • Two of the three (two OD $ and three more) players can win one of two games as well.
  • Double RDO $ and Bounty Hunter Role XPon allBounty Hunter Free Roam Events, plus 5 Capitales If You Want To Finish AnyBounty Hunter Free RoamEventonce Each Week In This Month’s Time.
  • Upon the first four days of the purchase, the new pens of the maximum cost will be $ 200.
  • Get a free online gift, a complete and affordable bag, a mustache and a box of all players’ merchandise. Please give the bracelets a kick. The gift baskets of the buck are the perfect gifts.
  • There is no one to be free for all players. 5Special Horses Will Be Enlightened Logging Into The Game, Andfree Whiskey And Beer All Saloons This Month.
  • Three days a week, with your favorite egg of three ribs, and three gold bars for a horn, and an ovo on a ring, with a prestigious crooked egg for the last one, and a cow of the same weight.
  • After a player’s bounty is completed, two gold bars will be made in the week between March and March, and two gold bars will be turned in between Bounty and March 28. After all, 50% off for a Reward A Single Bandolier Will Be Score For The Player Bounty.
  • Limited time clothing: Dreamable vestandcalhoun boots are now available from the catalog and in local tailor’s stores.
  • Bounty Hunter Discounts: 5 Gold Bars Off The Bounty Hunter License, plusallBounty Hunter Outfitsare 30% Off, Including The Wakeeney, The Bullard, The Garwood, The Carthage And The Thorogood.
  • Two month-long discounts include 50 percent offBolas, Throwing Knives, High Velocity Ammo, 40 percent off AllAndalusianandBreton Horsebreeds, and 30 percent offBolas, amo Crafting Pamphlets, AllCoats, RepeatersandWeaponengravings.
  • Prime Gaming Benefits: Players can connect to their Social Club account through Prime Gaming on the 5th of April to getOffersfor a $ 40- $ 50 discount with a semi-automatic Pistoland 30% discount on DistinguishedBounty Hunter, which they select on their own.
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March 19-11:

  • Complete two-player Bountiesthis week for a discount of 30% off aBounty Hunter Wagon.
  • Gun Rush is a week ahead of the featured series of The Gun Rush.

March 8-14.

  • A Regional, Legendary, orInfamous Bounties Completing the West Hill Haven Will Be Found in A Treasure Mapfor a Hulk.
  • Treasure maps with a chest – close to OCreaghs run – can be acquired, in addition to 10 regional, lgdary orindious missions.
  • This weekFeatured Spectra will beTakeover Series (Hardcore) and takeover.

March 16-21: 2:30.

  • The keymentioned clothing of the key is the five Legendary Bounties to the Taylor Hunters.
  • Elimination Series (Hardcore) Will Be This WeekFeatured Series.
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March 22, 28:

  • A select colorway of theopeman vestfor completing 5Infamous Bounties.
  • This weeksFeatured series will be the second day of the event in a team shootout series (Hardcore).

March 29: 4.

  • Three gold bars will be available for Complete15Infamous, Regular, Legendary, or Relaxary Bounties.
  • This week, the Showdown Series will be a featured series.


Will you get into an investigation? Bounty Hunter License The five most expensive gold bars off the list of those seeking great soldiers. After the bodies are gone, nurse your wounds with free Whiskey and Beer at All Saloons.

Among the five different nations, Stables offer 40% off all Andalusian and Breton horse breeds.

A newly licensed burgeoning hunter can take 30% off all burgeoning huntwear (including Wakeeney, Bullard, Garwood, Carthage and Thorogood). There are also items ranging from equipment, weapons, clothing and weapons.

  • 50 cents off Bolas.
  • 50-percent off Throwing Knives.
  • 50% off Ammo High Velocity.
  • 30% off Schofield Bounty Hunter Variant.
  • Get 30% off Ammo Crafting-Pamphlets.
  • 30% off Repeaters and Weapon Engravings.
  • 30% off ghoul’s.
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This is about this March. If you want to read more about the weekly new activity, featured series and more, go to the Rockstars blog post.

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