Registrations open for the March Cup-Tief Pokemon UITE Championship Series

After a successful first event earlier this month, the Pokemon UNITEs Championship Series has opened its upcoming March event.

The Official Pokemon UNITE Competition is a monthly competition, which will see competing teams earn championship points, giving them the chance to join the 2022 world championships.

Registration for the 2014 #PokemonUNITE March Cup is now open. Get your team together and earn them a lot of Championship Points. Here: Ihnz9Exa7G # UNITEesports

Nationsit Championship Series (@UniteEsports) March 3, 2022

The March Cup takes place on March 12th, in a double-elimination format. From there, the finalists will compete on the 26th of March. Victors earn championship points by which they can decide if they want to receive the Worlds or not.

The twelve teams that participate in the World Championship are the nation’s highest ever winners. There will be two teams from Europe, Asia Pacific, Japan, Korea, North America, along with one team from Mexico, Central America, South America, East and West and Oceania.

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For registration, you can visit the Pokemon UnitedITE Championship Series battlefield site. The city that you live in is the region’s context.

The Aoes Cup is the second major event in the championship series. It’s going to be the second day of April. Having said this, the May Cup will be held, then the Regional Final, where the best teams will be rated.

If you’d like to register, or learn more about Pokemon UNITE, its format and check in leaderboards in advance, you can do it here.

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