Remedy Celebrates Alan Wake Anniversary With New Concept Art, AMC TV Show, and Remastered Switch Release


It’s a great time to be an Alan Wake fan, especially since Remedy is celebrating the 12-year anniversary of the horror action-adventure game. While it will definitely take some time before Alan Wake 2 gets into the hands of fans, an anniversary update video sheds a little more light on the game and plans for the franchise as a whole.

Brand new concept art for the game was shown off, consisting of two environments, a shot of Alan Wake, as well as a creepy-looking individual most likely to be an enemy, which you can check out below:

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Alan Wake 2 - Enemy Concept Art
Alan Wake 2 - Character Concept Art
Alan Wake 2 - Environment Concept Art
Alan Wake 2 - Environment Concept Art 2

However, that will likely be all that we see for the foreseeable future. According to Creative Director Sam Lake, Remedy wants to “make sure we create the best possible experience, the best first survival-horror game from Remedy. We don’t want to focus away from the team right now, “which could be a sign that there will be no further updates for a while.

As for Alan Wake Remastered, it is now slated to hit the Nintendo Switch near the end of the year as an eShop-only release. This follows the launch on both PS4 / PS5 and Xbox One / Xbox Series X | S. In addition to the gaming stuff, Remedy has also confirmed that an Alan Wake TV show is happening, with AMC picking up the rights.

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You can watch the Alan Wake anniversary video update below:

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