Returnal Wins Best Game and More at 2022 BAFTA Games Awards


The British Academy of Film and Television Arts announced The winners of the 2022 BAFTA Games Awards today, and Sony Interactive Entertainment’s Returnal took the most categories over other games released in 2021.

The third-person shooter roguelike won four categories, including Best Game and Performer In A Leading Role with Jane Perry as the Protagonist, Selene Vassos. Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart, It Takes Two and Unpacking followed by two wins each with the home decoration game Unpacking Receiving EE Game Of The Year.

One notable winner is No Man’s Sky, which won for the Evolving Game over other nominees such as Us, Apex Legends and Fortnite. No Man’s Sky originally released in 2016 disastrous reviews, but still continues to receive free updates and new content nearly six years later. Check out the full list of the 2022 BAFTA Games Awards winners below:

  • Animation – Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart
  • Artistic Achievement – The Artful Escape
  • Audio Achievement – Returnal
  • Best Game – Returnal
  • British Game – Forza Horizon 5
  • Debut Game – Toem
  • Evolving Game – No Man’s Sky
  • Family – Chicory: A Colorful Tale
  • Game Beyond Entertainment – Before Your Eyes
  • Game Design – Inscryption
  • Multiplayer – It Takes Two
  • Music – Returnal
  • Narrative – Unpacking
  • Original Property – It Takes Two
  • Performer In A Leading Role – Jane Perry as Selene Vassos in Returnal
  • Kimberly Brooks as Hollis Forsythe in Psychonauts 2 – Performer In A Supporting Role
  • Technical Achievement – Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart
  • EE Game Of The Year – Unpacking
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