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Where ‘s Bouldy when you need him?

Sony Interactive Entertainment and developer Housemarque have released a lengthy breakdown video showcasing the upcoming Ascension DLC for an excellent sci-fi adventure ReturnalGeneral Chat Chat Lounge The 18-minute video holds a special focus on the “Tower of Sisyphus” – set to provide players with their toughest challenge.

The Tower of Sisyphus is, essentially, Returnal‘s new “endless” mode. Hardened time walkers fans will be tasked with guiding returning adventurer Selene as she picks her way through the floor consistently of tough, constantly hard-hitting enemies – standing toe-to-tentacle with familiar creatures and bosses. Returnal‘s main story campaign.

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It goes without saying that the following breakdown video contains in-game spoilers.

Unlike most Endless Modes, however, the Tower of Sisyphus There will be emboldened with brand new story elements, with players unlocking new first-person segments, unlocking more of the mysteries of Selene’s past and the fated events that have brought her this terrifying intergalactic time-loop.

As the player runs ‘n’ guns their way through the baddies of this battalion, they will be given frequent rest-stops with which to boost their skills and arsenal, evening odds as they edge ever further through the battlefield, whilst learning more of ours. intrepid hero’s story. There are even a few surprises in store, with powerful new weaponry, and maybe even a few new threats …

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Returnal is easily one of my favorite titles of 2021, and a release from Housemarque, and the gem Ascension DLC – which will also add some exciting co-op action – looks to just build on the excellence that it has come before. I’m definitely looking forward to checking it out when it finally hits PS5 on Tuesday, March 22nd.

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