Reviewers are sharing photos from Star Wars Galactic Starcruise’s $ 5,000 suite, and getting their fans happy

The Star Wars Galactic Cruiser Resort, the reticence of Star Wars fans, is about to open. Sure, we knew it would be pricey, but an immersive Star Wars experience sounds like a lot of fun – complete with an authentic cantina and even a lightsaber training.

Fortunately, since the review is in, fans see what they don’t like. The $ 5,299 suites in which three children are living are impoverished and dissimulated. Two footage shows them being cosy, with a mild view. For over five years, you can eat a double bed next to a bunk, in a layout that’s reminiscent of cheaper resort accommodations.

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Boba Fett’s Final Battle of the Book was a Messing.

Because I can’t see the room, the theme was at the very least Star Wars-themed. But many people do not feel it is worth the admission. Others, in addition to the stories, mention that this is a price hike compared to Disney’s other offerings.

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Those fans are defending the price point, explaining that while the whole experience is spent in the two days in the cabin, it is probably the most expensive time in the cabin. Even the reviewers who have a great deal of time on the trip insist that this is all the income they can afford.

The slideshow of the IGN trip shows what else you’ll get for the $ 5,000 trip. The most beautiful room on the ship is the only one that looks great and more comfortable. Once you’re in the center of the war and all that left, you’ll probably be frustrated if the bedroom is cramped. So, you are lucky enough to make the most of the trip.

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Star Wars – Galactic Starcruise is starting March 1.

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