Roblocks Knob – What is a knob in Roblocks?

Knob is a very infamous word in the gaming world, but as strange as ever, Roblox has distorted the meaning of the word to make it feel completely unique. Being a Roblocks knob is not considered negative and if anything is celebrated, games like the Mega Knob Simulator are dedicated to becoming the biggest knob and proudly wear the iconic knob outfit with the entire sub-community of Roblocks players.

Sounds kind of silly, right? Okay, so we decided to create a Roblox noob guide – for Roblox noob noobs, if you wish. In this guide, we will explain the whole history of Roblox Knub, as well as how to create your own skin if you want to have fun.

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Everything you need to know about Roblox Nob:

What is a knob in a Robox?

Although many other games use the word knob as an insult, it means a bad player in the game, while the Roblocks knob is often not a negative word. This usually refers to the default Roblocks skin, which indicates that the player is new to the game.

But many players, new and old, wear Roblocks knob skin with pride and the classic combo with yellow head and arms, blue shirt and green pants is embedded in the Roblocks culture and has even formed its own community.

Roblox knob skin

There are actually a surprising number of nouveau riches, but here are the most popular:

Image by Roblox Nob

The original knob

This is the default Roblocks avatar that launched the game in 2006.

Image by Roblox Nob

Classic knob

It’s an iconic design, actually with the Roblocks ‘R’ on the shirt. If you look at the people who talk about Roblox noobs, this is the style they are talking about and they are trying to imitate.

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Image of Roblox Nob in hat.

Cap Knob

It became the default player model in 2011, replacing the classic Yellow Skin Avatar. This was also the case when the first female avatar was added to Roblocks.

Image of Roblox Nob with hair

Bacon Knob

Probably for some obvious reason it is affectionately known as ‘Bacon Hair’, the 2014 default Roblocks avatar. Although less popular, you may still see some ‘bacon hair’ references in the game.

Image of Roblox Nob in Beanie.

Current Nob

In Super Positive Move, Roblox has also introduced a gender-neutral default avatar to select players in 2020. They also fixed the bacon hair.

There are a huge number of variations on Roblox noob clothing, but here are some bundle options if you do not want to mix and match:

roblox noob girl

Since 2011, Roblox has also introduced female avatars. Here are the most popular:

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Image of female Roblox Knob

Female knob

This is the first female Roblocks default avatar to be added to the game in 2011.

Image by Acorn Roblox Knob

Acorn Nob

Just as 2014 gave us ‘Bacon Hair’, it also gave us ‘Acorn Hair’. If you’ve ever seen someone in Roblocks say acorn hair, they are referring to this second female avatar.

But since the female avatar did not appear until 2011, the default female avatar that used the iconic knob design never existed. But you can create a combo using special cosmetics to match the classic colors.

Roblox knob head

The head in the Roblocks knob puzzle is a kind of finishing piece, so here are some fun options to overcome your outfit, as well as the classic:

We hope this guide helps you create the perfect book! If you want to play Roblox for yourself, you can download it on Google Play and App Store.

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