Roblox BedWars Duck Eggs Update Patch Notes

Roblox BedWars has released the new Duck Eggs update on February 4th, 2022! This patch brings Battle Ducks to the game that can be purchased from the item shop and will patrol the area to protect against intruders. The Lunar Vulcan skin is now available for purchase, and Aery has had some changes made to their kit. You can find three new kits to use this week, and there’s quite a few additions to custom matches! Find all of the changes from the release in the patch notes below.

Check out our BedWars Commands List post to learn all of the commands available in the game!

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BedWars Duck Eggs Patch Notes

Battle Ducks!

Battle Duck Spawn Eggs are available in the Item Shop for 2 emeralds. Ducks patrol an area and attack detected intruders.

Juggernaut TDM

A new limited time mode has hit the rotation this week! Two teams of 30 battle for the most kills in 10 minutes.
Juggernaut Airdrops are deployed every 2 minutes. Obtaining a Juggernaut Airdrop transforms you into a powerful Juggernaut.

Lunar Vulcan (Limited Time Skin!)

The Lunar Vulcan skin is now available! This limited time skin also includes a themed turret and tablet!

Aery Changes

  • Slightly reduced damage scaling
  • Anti spawn killing: there is now a 30 second cooldown for gaining stacks against the same player
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Free Kits of the Week

Custom Match

  • Players search bar
  • Force set a player’s team
  • Set a player’s max health
  • You can now pick the team to change the team generator multiplier speed for.
  • PvP enabled toggle
  • Lock server toggle
  • Server max player limit
  • Bed breaking enabled toggle
  • The default value of Team Overflow toggle has been changed from true → false
  • Team switching enabled toggle
  • Item limits toggle. Remove the item cap for items like the balloon.
  • Disable/Enable all purchasable items button
  • Added new commands:
    • /tp (username or displayname)
    • /tpall
    • /tpbed (Ex. /tpbed red_bed)
    • Earlier this week: /spawn (item name) [amount]
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Other Changes

  • Tesla Trap: reduced max traps (4 → 2)
  • Reworked nametags to increase game clarity
  • You now briefly spectate the player that killed you after dying
  • Vulcan: improved turret mobile controls
  • Fixed sounds not working for the gift kill effect
  • Spirit Catcher: released a new visual rework
  • Rank icons are now displayed above your head in the Lobby

That’s everything you need to know about the new update that was released for Roblox BedWars. Find more details about the experience in the BedWars section of our website!

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